FOR RESOLVING SUBCONSCIOUS TOXIC EMOTIONS THAT ARE THE ROOT CAUSE OF MANY PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS AND PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS General Description Ezov is an extract produced from the flowers of Hyssop officinalis, commonly...


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General Description

Ezov is an extract produced from the flowers of Hyssop officinalis, commonly known as Hyssop. Ezov is primarily used to help the patient resolve subconscious (suppressed) emotions that may affect his/her health.  Many healthcare professionals believe that there are 4 major groups of toxins that can contribute to chronic or degenerative disease: 1) microbial biotoxins, 2) heavy metals, 3) other environmental toxins, and 4) emotions. Many doctors also believe that emotions (especially subconscious) cause the patient to more avidly hold on to heavy metals and other toxins.  Most of the emotions that affect our health originate before the age of 6 since it is difficult or even impossible for a child to process most traumatic or deep emotional events.  Some suppressed emotions can contribute to a medical condition immediately but subconscious emotions can also negatively affect our health many years after the emotions were suppressed. Most practitioners believe that emotions are the most difficult contributor to illness to treat.

Some Reported Medicinal Properties











Research On NutraMedix Product


An acute oral toxicity study was conducted by the University of Guayaquil, Ecuador concluding that Ezov did not produce toxic effects, thus the product is considered practically innocuous for humans when administered in the acute form. Therefore; studies of acute toxicity at higher doses in humans are not necessary. Full Article

Medical Conditions [peer-reviewed journals]


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Medicinal Properties [peer-reviewed journals]


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Patient Reports

“I have never slept as good as I do now since taking EZOV. My dreams are much more pleasant. There is hardly any taste and I have had no side effects.” – C.C

“My mother-in-law suffers from chronic insomnia. This product has really helped her to regulate her hormonal balance and sleep better!” – X.A

“I was taking another natural product for several months and didn't feel it help much . Since taking Ezov for about 2 weeks I've been able to have a peaceful and longer sleep as well as vivid dreams.” - A.K

"I noticed a big difference from my first dose and I only got better with each dose.  I highly recommend Ezov Emotional Balance." -C.S.

"Ezov gave my daughter a second chance.  She suffered childhood trauma and has had times when they resurfaced.  Therapy didn't work, but with Ezov, she's been blessed to return to college to complete her degree in child psychology." -R.O.

Dosage Information

Start with 1 drop in 4 oz. of water daily just before bedtime. Add one drop per dose every three days until reaching 8 drops per night (for a small adult) by day 22 or 10 drops (for a larger adult) by day 28.  Take for at least two months at full dosage.  If not able to sleep well, reduce the dosage and/or the rate of build-up.

Safety Information

An acute oral toxicity study was conducted by the University of Guayaquil, Ecuador concluding that Ezov did not produce toxic effects, thus the product is considered practically innocuous for humans when administered in the acute form. Therefore; studies of acute toxicity at higher doses in humans are not necessary. Full Article

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