BABUNA - Chamomile Sleep Support

SUPPORT RESTFUL SLEEP - Chamomile has long been used for its potential sleep supportive properties, and may promote feelings of relaxation. General Description Babuna is an extract produced from the flower of...


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SUPPORT RESTFUL SLEEP - Chamomile has long been used for its potential sleep supportive properties, and may promote feelings of relaxation.

General Description

Babuna is an extract produced from the flower of Matricaria recutita, commonly known as chamomile. Azulene, one of the active natural substances found in Babuna, has been shown to inhibit histamine release and to regulate the effect of serotonin. Serotonin is a multi-role neurotransmitter that the body produces in the brain and other nervous tissue. One of the important functions of serotonin is to slow down nerve traffic and induce normal sleep. The inability to sleep is often caused by a serotonin deficiency. Via the proprietary process used to produce Babuna, this remedy has been designed to improve serotonin function and therefore improve sleep.

Some Reported Medicinal Properties






















PROPRIETARY WHOLE HERB EXTRACTION PROCESS - Highly bioavailable liquid for improved absorption. Nutramedix’s unique enhancement process optimizes the whole herb for a more powerful broad-spectrum extract.

FROM NATURE - Our products are sourced from nature’s richest botanical resources, primarily Peru and the Amazon Rainforest.

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE - Put 15 drops in 4 oz. of water and wait one minute before drinking. Take at bedtime or as directed by your physician. Repeat during the night as needed. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Shake well before each use.

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Patient Reports

“Seems to help with sleep. Very convenient. I use it sublingually sometimes if I wake up too early” – C.T

“I really didn't expect this to work very well and was very pleased to find that it's really very effective and I only take three drops per night.” – M.J

"I use this every night and it works great for me, I don't feel that sleeping med drowsiness in the morning either."-R.I.

"Absolutely fantastic! Me and my teenage daughter couldn't cope without it. Closes off any 'brainwaves' and allows you to go to sleep within 20 minutes." -E.H.

Dosage Information

15 Drops in 4 oz. of water at bedtime.  Repeat during the night as needed. Can also be used at a dose of 10-15 drops during the day as needed for anxiety.

Safety Information

An acute oral toxicity study was conducted by the University of Guayaquil, Ecuador concluding that Babuna did not produce toxic effects, thus the product is considered practically innocuous for humans when administered in the acute form. Therefore; studies of acute toxicity at higher doses in humans are not necessary. Full Article

OVER 20 YEARS OF NUTRACEUTICAL INNOVATION - Founded in 1993, Nutramedix supplies highly bioavailable nutritional supplements to health care professionals and consumers. A majority of Nutramedix profits are donated to charitable organizations.

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