Zenkey - USB ultrasonic aroma diffuser

Take your Zen wherever you want with ZenKey, the USB aromatherapy diffuser of essential oils. Gisa srl's Italian patent, the world's first USB ultrasonic aroma diffuser suitable for cars. Description...


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Take your Zen wherever you want with ZenKey, the USB aromatherapy diffuser of essential oils. Gisa srl's Italian patent, the world's first USB ultrasonic aroma diffuser suitable for cars.


ZENKEY allows you to bring aromatherapy wherever you go. Italian patent Gisa srl, ZENKEY is the first ultrasonic usb key suitable for all cars. It can be refilled to infinity with essential oils or perfumes and allows different emission intervals: 40, 80, 210 seconds.


1. Remove the ZenKey door 
2. Remove the cartridge.
3. Unscrew the tampon from the cartridge and with the help of the pump to fill the cartridge with Gisa Wellness essential oils.
4. Screw the cartridge back on and keep it upside down for at least 5 seconds.
5. Insert the cartridge back into its compartment, with the tampon facing the ultrasound, inserting the bottom of the cartridge first.
6. Close the flap and your ZenKey will be ready for use.
7. Insert the ZenKey into a working USB port.
8. A light will turn on to indicate that the ZenKey is operating.
9. You will be able to see the mist coming out of the key.
10. The switch changes the spray time interval: 40 seconds (I), 80 seconds (II) and 210 seconds (III). This is to give the user the possibility to balance the fragrance according to the space and the intensity of the desired perfume.
11. Always disconnect the ZenKey from the USB port when you do not want to use it, especially when used in the car.

Use and maintenance:

'The ZenKey must be cleaned with every change of essential oil or after a prolonged period of non-use.
Follow the instructions below to clean the ZenKey:
1. Disconnect the ZenKey and remove the cartridge.
2. Use the mini pump to drop 2 or 3 drops of ethyl alcohol on the ultrasound plate internally and externally.
3. Connect the ZenKey and make sure the diffuser works by checking that the light is on. Let the diffuser run for a few minutes until no more steam comes out. At this point, disconnect the diffuser and reinsert the cartridge into its housing.
(For more detailed information on the use and cleaning of the diffuser, refer to the instruction manual)
5. La cartuccia e il tampone sono di nuovo pronte per l’utilizzo.

Dimensions: 8 x 2 x 1.5 cm

Weight: 20 g

Method: Ultrasuond

Timer: 40 / 80 / 210 seconds

Capacity: 1ml

Duration: 24h (with the shorter timer)

Supply: 4,5-5V / 5-300mA

Electric consumption: 1,5W

No. led: 1

Material: Polycarbonate, aluminum inserts

Ultrasound frequency: 2.4MHz

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